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The Queen of Sheba (ca. 950 BCE?) is claimed by both Ethiopia and Yemen. It’s not impossible that both are right; the ancient realm of Saba (Sheba) may have spanned the Red Sea. Or perhaps she was really the Queen of Meroë, and the name “Sheba” referred to something else entirely. The chronology is also rather difficult…but then again, maybe all this is beside the point. The Queen of Sheba is simply one of the great legendary figures of all time. For Ethiopians, who know her as Makeda, she is the mother of the nation and founder of a dynasty. For readers of the Bible and the Koran, she is the embodiment of opulence, wisdom, beauty, and mystery.

Given the uncertainty about exactly where and when the Queen of Sheba lived, depictions of her are all over the map. The paintings we’ve grouped in our main illustration above show the particular blend we’re going for with our costume: Ethiopian style gown, Egyptian necklace, Near Eastern veil, long waist sash (everybody was wearing those in the 10th century), and an anachronistic crown. And a fan! For some reason the Queen of Sheba always has a fan. We chose peacock feathers to echo the Biblical reference to Solomon’s riches, though it’s probably another anachronism. But hey, it’s a Halloween costume, not a doctoral dissertation. The pieces we suggest, from left to right:

1. White dress from LotustradersSince time immemorial, the basic Ethiopian dress has been a white caftan-like gown. This ingenious design from Lotustraders has drawstrings at the waist, sleeves, and hemline to give you a perfectly customized fit.
2. Three chiffon veils: white, violet, and olive green. Each veil is 45 by 90 inches. Use the violet and green ones to knot around your waist as an ancient-style sash. The white veil goes over your head and under your crown.
3. Gold crown. It’s an anachronism, but big gold crowns are very common in depictions of the Queen of Sheba. We chose a somewhat-better-quality costume crown to live up to the rest of the outfit. The filigree work on this one features peacocks, which is a nice echo of the fan.
4. Egyptian collar-style beaded necklace. We think the Queen of Sheba should have at least one truly spectacular piece of jewelry, and this necklace fills the bill. It also reflects the Egyptian influence that would have been present in the Upper Nile and Horn of Africa. This necklace is actually from Egypt, so note the shipping time. (If this particular model is sold out, check the store’s pharaonic jewelry section for others; they seem to keep a selection in stock.)
5. Bracelets from Firemountain Gems.Firemountain sells to everyone at wholesale prices, so it’s a great place to stock up on inexpensive jewelry. We chose (clockwise from top left in the composite image): a set of three stretch bracelets with glass beads, a brass bangle, a set of goldtone bangles with blue beads, and another set of bangles with green faux jewels.
6. Peacock feather fan. This is a beautiful natural feather fan at an excellent price ($13 the last time we checked), especially considering the size: 27 inches wide and about 15 inches long. Very glamorous, we think, and the peacock colors look wonderful with the Egyptian necklace.

Gold, gold, and more gold: According to the Bible, the Queen of Sheba gave King Solomon “a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and a very great quantity of spices, and precious stones…” A hundred and twenty talents would have been about four tons. Four tons of gold! So lay it on. Put gold beads in your hair, wear gold sandals, pile on the rings. You’re the Queen of Sheba!


Anonymous asked:

Jews are snakes and rats. They have started every major war since the beginning of human history. Why is it that throughout history nations have tried to kill them all? Hilter went out of his way to kill every last one! There must be a reason why!



So we started every single war? So French and Indian war? American Revolution? Civil War, Vietnam,….Civil War….Hundred Years War…

Your antisemitic ass is not welcomed here. Now take a look at the people who have tried to destroy the Jews. And now they’re gone and we’re still here. 

From ny understanding, Jews weren’t in existence at the beginning of human history. And Hitler wouldn’t have killed all Jews. Even if he’d succeeded (Heaven FORBID) in killing all European Jews, there still be PLENTY more all over the world.

Yo, Captain, your anons have their heads stuck in their assholes! Go ahead and educate them

Jews who are athiest can become no longer Jewish. They aren’t Jewish, but they aren’t a goy either. They are below the level of a Ben-Noach. This is so because denying the truth of the Creator and the truth if His Torah make the person a heretic!!!

doctor-elyob asked:

There are 3.7 billion Abrahamics, by best estimates, in the world and they represent over 50% of the religious population according to the Pew Research Center in 2012. By virtue of the sheer availability of material on their theology, it seems fairly certain the majority of adherents agree their culture is open (proselytizing even). Geography is the only thing that determines dominance, and you have to be in SE Asia or India to be a minority Abrahamic. So why do you seem to adamantly disagree?


I am violently in love with everything about this post. fucking thank you.

though I would like to come to this point right quick:


Because you’re wrong.

And you’re wrong because you’re committing erasure against several religions and ethnicities and cultural groups. And you’re committing that erasure because those groups are systematically oppressed in this country.

And right now you’re adding to that oppression.

So thanks for that. I do so love to have my very existence denied while at the same time I’m being systematically attacked for my very existence!

Where to start, where to start…ahh, yes here we go.

Geography is the only thing that determines dominance, and you have to be in SE Asia or India to be a minority Abrahamic.

Is that so?

In that case, I just have one question for you:

Why do you hate Jewish people?

But no, hold that thought. Hold onto your answer to that question. We’ll get back to why you think Jews don’t exist in a second.

Let’s cover the other Abrahamic religions first.


Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Muslims are systematically oppressed and attacked, metaphorically and literally, in this country, and in many if not most Western countries. 

Perhaps you didn’t notice the dual-edged attacks on them. Perhaps you never saw how anti-Muslim violence has become so common in post-9/11 America that it’s dangerous to even LOOK Muslim if you value your life and safety. Perhaps you didn’t see that at the same time people are physically assaulting, even killing Muslims, they’re also trying to “save” the poor ignorant brown women from the evil religion trying to oppress them. You know, right over the top of the “poor brown woman” saying, even yelling, that she CHOOSES to cover herself for her religious beliefs. Perhaps you don’t see all the European countries where Muslims are attacked because non-Muslim Europeans think they’re stealing all their jobs away. 

Perhaps you just don’t care.


Listen you ignorant shit. Maybe you haven’t noticed in your anti-Christian bubble, but there’s more than one kind of Christian. Catholics are a MINORITY group in this country. And they get oppressed because of it. You know JFK? Grand High Hero To The Happy Democrats? Obama JFK almost didn’t get elected, because he was rumored to be Muslim CATHOLIC, and everyone knows Muslims CATHOLICS worship Osama Bin Laden the Devil in Pope form, so how do we know he’s not going to get elected and then sell our nuclear secrets to Iran the Vatican?

But hey, that’s the Presidency, that’s just rich white guys bitching, right? 

Okay. How about how people (and by people, I mean Protestants) STILL accuse the Pope of being the Antichrist? How about how in Australia for a long time Catholics ran the risk of having their children raised by the state as good little Anglicans? How about how in Germany, Bismarck pretty much declared war on the Catholics and imprisoned or exiled basically fucking EVERYONE? 

How about the fact that Catholics were targeted during the Holocaust? Didn’t fucking know about that, did you? Oh yes. First Hitler arrested the Catholics. Then he assassinated Catholic leaders. Then he fucking sent Catholics to the concentration camps.

Oh, does the Holocaust not count as oppression? Go ahead and hold onto that thought until we get to Judaism, okay love?

Oh, and one last thing.

Do you have a problem with Latino/a people? I mean, you kind of forgot they exist. After all, a HUGE number of Latino/as are Catholic. To the point where uniquely Latin American Catholic traditions have been adopted by the wider Catholic Church, like the Novena candles. Are you saying Latin American people aren’t oppressed? That’s what it sounds like you’re saying. I mean, let me quote you directly, “you have to be in SE Asia or India to be a minority Abrahamic.” So, what, Latinos and Latinas don’t count?

  • Non-mainstream Christian denominations

Look me in the eye and tell me Mormons aren’t a minority percentage of the population. Or Jehovah’s Witnesses. Hell, or Christian Witches and Christopagans. You wanna tell me you don’t think Christopagans get attacked for being a minority religious segment? Really? Because I’ve got a few people to introduce you to if you think that.

Oh, and by the way? Somewhere around five thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses were exterminated during the Holocaust purely for being Jehovah’s Witnesses. Just throwing that out there for you.

But nah, man, let’s get to the real meat of the argument here.


So now we’re full circle back to my original question.

Why do you hate Jewish people?

You must hate us. Why else would you pretend we don’t exist? And you must be intentionally pretending that. Because nobody on the planet would be stupid enough to claim Jews aren’t oppressed.


I mean, Judaism’s an Abrahamic religion, hell, ABRAHAM was the founder of the Jewish covenant with God. He’s kind of the original Jew. Judaism’s literally the MOST Abrahamic religion.

It’s an initiation-only culture, and it’s a CLOSED culture to the uninitiated. Yeah, like Native American cultures, except we’re not popular and Tumblr’s not trying to rescue us from the evil white man.

Because we’re Abrahamic so no one gives a shit about us.

It’s an ethnic group; actually, it’s SEVERAL ethnic groups, most of whom are not white-passing, and even the “white” one is genetically different enough from non-Jewish white people that we’re often VISIBLY “other”. Yeah, you heard me correctly, Jews are often POC. And I don’t mean a POC who gets oppressed for being a POC and also happens to be Jewish. I mean most of the tribes of Judaism are inherently non-white and even the one tribe that IS supposedly “white” often if not usually can’t pass as non-Jewish.

It’s 0.2% of the population. Let me reiterate that so you know it isn’t a typo. Judaism is ZERO POINT TWO PERCENT OF THE POPULATION OF THE PLANET. We don’t even fucking GET a slice of the pie chart, we’re that much of a minority. 

And you want to play the “You’re not oppressed” game? Really? Okay. Let’s play that game. I’m a Jew, I can play that game reeeeal well. 

For the past three thousand years, any time anyone has ever needed a villain, BAM, Jews. The reason the country’s economy fell apart? JEWS. The reason the political leader was killed? JEWS. Murderer of the Savior? JEWS. Reason MSNBC slants liberal? JEWS. Reason your political candidate didn’t win? JEWS. Reason Obamacare passed? JEWS. Reason your favorite actor didn’t win the Oscars? JEWS.

And if you think I’m exaggerating that last one, scroll to the bottom.

And that’s just the conspiracy theories. That doesn’t include the few HUNDRED genocides and exile/deportations and slavery over the centuries. You thought WWII was the first time someone tried to exterminate all the Jews and ship us off in little crates to far off lands to work us to death? HAH. 

Oh yeah, and while we’re on the subject. There was that whole pesky Holocaust business. I would have thought you’d remember that.

You know.

When six million Jews were murdered. Two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe. Including one million murdered Jewish children. Two million Jewish women. Three million Jewish men.

And not just murdered.

Tortured. Enslaved. Experimented on. DISSECTED WHILE STILL ALIVE.

And THEN murdered.

Really? You’re not familiar with any of this? None of this oppression of Jewish people ringing a bell at all?

Huh. The world history classes in American schools appear to have gotten worse since I graduated.

"But Solo," I hear you cry, "World War II ended in 1945! Surely Jews haven’t been oppressed since then!"

Oh honey. Jews get oppressed all the time. It’s an institutionalized part of American culture and society. Jews get oppressed around you all the time.

Don’t believe me?

How about how THIS YEAR, an actor and a fucking puppet voiced by Seth MacFarlane walked onstage at the ACADEMY AWARDS and proceeded to systematically accuse Jews of controlling Hollywood?

I notice Tumblr was outraged when MacFarlane sung a song about breasts. Didn’t see any of you fucking bastards give a shit when he attacked Jews.

How about the fact where pretty much every Jew alive today has had someone jokingly or seriously accuse them of killing Jesus? Like, I’d actually bet money you can’t find a single Jew that hasn’t been accused of murdering Jesus. Fuck, I’ve been accused of it THIS MONTH.

How about the fact that accusations of blood libel exist TO THIS DAY?

Oh, you probably don’t know what that means. Since you don’t remember Jews exist and all that, right? Let me define it for you.

That’s where someone, often a fucking GOVERNMENT, accuses Judaism of slaughtering babies so that we can feast on their blood and bake them into our bread. Yeah. People still attack us for that. It’s happened THIS YEAR.

But nooooooooo.

Members of Abrahamic religions NEVER get oppressed for their religion.

Except for all the times they do.

By virtue of the sheer availability of material on their theology, it seems fairly certain the majority of adherents agree their culture is open

short answer: no.

long answer: do you really think picking up a book is that easy? you read that book and bam, you’ve become a part of that religion? let’s add to that no with a hell no. in Judaism alone, if you’re going the conservative route, you need to have a bar mitzvah. otherwise, you cannot partake in minion, which is an all male ritual during shiva. you need to go through some process of hebrew school, which will lead up to said bar mitzvah. hebrew school can start as early as six, which means usually about two to seven years are spent at least once a week learning stories of the torah and talmud, learning hebrew, and so on. let’s also add in the juicy little fact that Judaism is 100 percent tribal and 100 percent initiatory. tribal indicates that Judaism is a religion passed down by blood (through the ethnicity/religion of the mother), and initiatory indicates going through an initiation (usually, a bar mitzvah) in order to be considered a member of the religion. I can trace my lineage back to ancestors in Russia, Romania, and Ukraine, who are all completely Jewish. that’s just one of those things Jews can do. and believe me, that’s just us. I can’t speak on the intricacies of Islam and Catholicism, but I assure you it’s not just as simple as reading a text.

hell, you can find texts for everything on the internet. does reading a text indicate becoming a part of that religion? is anyone who’s just interested in reading them a part of that religion? the point is, not every closed religion is secretive or a mystery. while there are aspects of Judaism that are considered secret (for example, studying the Kabbalah is really only meant for Jews, very specifically for Hasidic Jewish men over 40), yet you can find rabbinical discussions of the texts on the internet. it won’t make a lot of sense to the average person, but it’s still not meant for outsiders.

point being, there’s more to a religion than a book, and don’t demean us to just that.

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